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Key Partners


We were tasked with providing an environment within the Research & Development department's communal areas, in which scientists and technicians working on site can meet and exchange ideas. The audio visual and IT infrastructure technology needed to provide an engaging experience and encourage people to make full use of this space.

We also provided a small and intimate meeting environment where members of Aramco staff can present ideas and their findings to colleagues, as well as to visitors of the site.

There was great emphasis on reliability and simplicity of design and creating an audio visual experience that would be installed by Sysco and could then maintained by local technicians.

Our team pre-built and tested the systems prior to shipping them to the client's headquarters. Our team then met the client on site and installed the complete system in a single 10-day period. this process involved careful co-ordination with both the set works fabricators and the client's in-house technical teams in order to ensure a successful outcome. Subsequent to the original installation, Sysco has been invited to provide a number of additional features to enhance the system.