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Battersea Power Station Lift 109

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Located within one of London’s most iconic industrial, cultural and architectural buildings, which has been transformed into an exciting new retail and leisure destination, Battersea Power Station’s Lift 109 is a unique experience that offers spectacular 360-degree views of the city’s skyline, as well as an awe-inspiring perspective of this legendary historic landmark.


Technologies including interactive tables, dynamic lighting sculptures and larger scale transparent LED displays, helps to facilitate the narrative, guiding visitors through to the immersive Media Room with a beautiful projection mapping experience across all four walls. 

Visitors explore and interact with abstract media treatments that allude to the creation of power through raw materials.

Then, after ascending to the chimney, visitors step into a 15 metre square glass elevator. They are then transported up through the interior of the Power Station’s north west chimney reaching a height of 109 metres, before finally emerging to panoramic views of the London skyline. Through both the ascent and descent, visitors are immersed in the drama of the moment by high quality spatial audio and impactful show lighting rings within the interior of the chimney.

During the design development process, Sysco deployed customised 3D simulation software to create real-time visual and audio mock-ups to map out and scale up the design at Concept, Scheme and Detailed Design phases, to facilitate the design evolution. Sysco were also able to adapt the design to accommodate important features of the building, such as the large windows and skylights that allow sunlight to pour into the turbine hall, as well as various pillars and stonework that without careful design, could impact projection and break the immersion for visitors. This sort of iterative visual design development is impossible without simulation of this nature.

To this end, the team were able to design a solution that maximises the impact of the space, minimises the interference of technology, and overall optimises the experience for visitors. This was an extremely useful technical tool when leading into the delivery stages, as it enabled a greater deal of efficiency and risk mitigation prior to any site works.

Although faced with various challenges throughout the project, Sysco were able to introduce multiple innovations to the design and delivery process that has contributed to, what is one of London’s most exciting visitor experiences to date.

Sysco were part of the exhibition design team led by award winning exhibition designers Ralph Appelbaum Associates (RAA), and including Project Managers Fraser Randall, Media Designers Squint/Opera and Lighting Designers Michael Grubb Studios. Sysco also undertook the delivery of this project as part of the main contractor team led by Beck Interiors. 

Sam Woodhouse, Sysco’s Business Development Director comments “The idea was audacious and the design is exceptional. The Battersea Power Station team are extremely brave to have followed such a vision and the RAA team have crafted an experience that I think we will all be talking about for many years to come. We were delighted to have worked with Beck Interiors on the execution of the project and I cannot wait to walk through that turbine hall and ascend into the sky through that famous chimney.”