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Bletchley Park: Intelligence Factory

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Bletchley Park, an independent museum and heritage attraction unveiled their largest ever permanent exhibition, bringing to life its historically significant story and revealing how the site fulfilled its potential as an intelligence organisation in the latter half of World War Two. Showcased in a newly restored wartime building, The Intelligence Factory aims to draw focus to a key part of Bletchley Park’s timeline that has never been explored in-depth on-site before.


Divided into different zones, the visitor experience incorporates a variety of interpretive and immersive features including interactive exhibits, digital assets, objects, archival material and personal anecdotes that share key events that took place at Bletchley Park between 1942 and 1945. Recognising and celebrating the successes of the war and those responsible, the exhibition draws attention to the remarkable employees that worked 24/7 on signals intelligence, deciphering enemy communications in order to provide the intelligence that ultimately helped win the war.

Visitors can also delve into what life was like at the peak of the action, from tracking positions of Allied and enemy vessels to handling vast quantities of information, and recruiting, feeding and housing thousands of staff. Furthermore, the exhibition highlights the site’s legacy and its continuing relevance, from tackling cybercrime to supplying intelligence to soldiers in the field today. 

Sysco worked as part of the design team, led by Ralph Appelbaum Associates (RAA), a multidisciplinary firm specialising in the planning and design of museums, exhibits, educational environments and visitor attractions. Sysco also helped to deliver the next phase of the project, as part of Marcon’s fit-out team, undertaking the integration of the audio visual design to ensure a seamless narrative between the digital constructs and the historical artefacts.