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The Formula 1 Exhibition

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This unique exhibition transports guests through the sport’s most spectacular, dazzling and dramatic stories. Curated by F1 experts, historians and journalists, it combines the very best interactive and immersive technologies, never-been-seen interviews, historic race cars, artefacts and large-scale installations.

As part of the design and delivery team, led by Round Room Studios, Sysco led the design, development and production of the show technology systems that are at the heart of this groundbreaking, first of its kind, exhibition.

Showcased across six purpose-built rooms, visitors begin with The Human Race, where a cinematic prelude introduces the story of Formula 1. Next transported into a F1 factory, visitors can examine the design, testing and manufacturing process of a modern-day car in the Design Lab.

In Once Upon A Time In Formula 1, exquisite, large-scale photographs, previously unseen artefacts and short documentaries are featured. 

The race circuit-inspired room for Drivers and Duels explores the seminal moments of the sport’s champions and includes a Hall of Fame, a giant interactive display wall and a collection of historic memorabilia.

Revolution by Design includes dazzling breakthrough innovations and new technologies with an array of the sport’s most pivotal designs, legendary cars, and a dramatic, 360-degree immersive environment. 

In the thrilling climax, The Pit Wall is a six-minute cinematic extravaganza of light and sound that brings to life the sensational, seventy three year story of Grand Prix racing.

After its original launch in March 2023 in Madrid, the F1 Exhibition has embarked on a journey across continents by opening its doors in both Vienna and Toronto in 2024. Besides being the first non-European location, Toronto has also introduced an exhilarating new addition: racing simulators, which allows visitors to step into the driver's seat, feeling the adrenaline rush of the sport firsthand.