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Sysco’s AI Challenge at Outernet London

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Sysco Productions, in partnership with Outernet, have challenged students and alumni from Goldsmiths’ Computational Arts and UCL’s Digital Media masters courses to produce short digital immersive experiences in a week, using a wide range of generative AI platforms and Sysco’s unique Audio Visual Simulation Technology, which created an exact digital twin of Outernet’s Now Trending space.

Chris Michaels with Zhongkai Wang's artwork in the background.
Event audience.
Panel discussion with Ziyi Kang & Keyu Ye's artwork in the background.

Inspired by the concept of "Speed," the seven resulting bold new works were showcased on September 5, 2023, at Outernet London, followed by an expert panel discussion on the experiment’s implications for the future of the immersive experience industry. The panel discussion was led by the project’s Executive Producer, Chris Michaels, Director of Chris Michaels Digital Advisory and former Director of Digital, Communications and Technology, at The National Gallery, London.

DNA Studio at the event.

Other special guests shared their insights on the day, such as James Wallman (CEO and founder, World Experience Organization), Alexandra Payne (Head of Creative, Outernet London), Dr. Chris Rhodes (Lecturer in Digital Media Production at UCL’s Knowledge Lab), as well as the artists: Flo Yuting Zhu, Camila Colussi, Maria Gracia Cebrecos and DNA Studio (Dor Frenkel and Amit Segall) from Goldsmiths; and Ziyi Kang, Keyu Ye, Songqi Sun and Zhongkai Wang from UCL.

James Wallman speaking.

The findings highlight the game-changing potential of AI and Virtual Twins in rapid prototyping. While AI may not replace traditional tools entirely, it offers unprecedented benefits, such as enabling immediate testing, iteration, and integration of media creation, ultimately enhancing the interaction between media and physical space early in the concept phase. The experiment unfolds a promising future where technology and creativity converge seamlessly in the immersive experience industry.

Panel discussion with Gracia's artwork in the background.
Panel discussion, Chris' speech.
Chris Michaels at Outernet.
Audience at the event.
People at the event