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TOCA Social is the World’s first social entertainment and dining experience with a football twist. This stylish venue, spanning 30,000 sqft, revolutionises the way in which football is played and provides an exciting platform for people to come together and enjoy interactive football based games for guests of all ages and abilities. 


There are 17 studio ‘boxes’ in total, each admitting up to 12 players, with every box delivering a projected display onto the back wall as part of the gaming experience.  Guests can choose from four different games using the interactive touchscreen panels, with each game offering three difficulty levels to make it accessible for all. 

Utilising proprietary TOCA Smart Sight technology and the TOCA Touch Trainer, a revolutionary training machine that delivers footballs with a variety of speeds and trajectories, the digital games provide a unique variety of gameplay. Delivered using state of the art control systems, this simulated experience is a carefully engineered fusion of computer vision tracking, projected visuals, dynamic audio and reactive lighting merged to create a fully gamified immersive environment.

Working closely with the team at TOCA Social, Sysco Productions provided technical expertise on the multifaceted AV design that benefits from a flexible and user-friendly interface. Through concise testing and design planning, Sysco ensured that the AV hardware technology perfectly synchronised with the intricate specification of the digital software gaming design.  

Dr. Conrad Spiteri, Head of Technology from TOCA Social said “Our primary objective was to create a fun, interactive and dynamic gaming experience for our visitors and we really needed the AV technology to match the specifics of the gaming software design, whilst equally providing a reliable, resilient and hard working system. Throughout the design and installation process, Sysco were able to provide us with the best possible technical expertise on solutions available, helping us to progress and deliver an experience that excels to the highest possible standards. We couldn’t be more pleased with the final results and the praise that we’ve received so far from visitors and football fans alike has been incredible." 

Tom Spooner, Project Manager at Sysco Productions, comments:From start to finish, this was a unique and ground-breaking project; one that required a considered approach to developing a custom design that would meet the specifics of the brief. The technology itself forms such a vital part of the gaming experience, and it was imperative that the solution was engineered to seamlessly match the client’s vision, as well as the high demands of user interaction. It has been incredibly exciting to watch the design evolve and take shape, and even more rewarding to be part of the team that was able to turn this original idea into a stunning reality."