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Wonderland Restaurants: Park Row

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Park Row is the world’s first-ever immersive DC-themed dining experience in Soho, London created by Wonderland Restaurants. Located in the basement of a glamorous Art Deco building, within the atmospheric underworld of Gotham City, the experience pays homage to DC-universe’s most iconic heroes and villains, merging the latest AV engineering with stunning storytelling.


The sensory experience includes five spaces for guests to enjoy throughout the venue, all of which are uniquely themed with their own signature style. Atmospheric soundtracks enliven the beautiful scenery throughout, to create the perfect stage for the enhanced aromas, incredible flavours and visual delights that infuse this otherworldly experience. The showcase of choreographed lighting further complements these sensory tones to truly bring to life the stories of DC Comics.

The exhilarating Monarch Theatre is a 20-seat venue that presents a truly one-of-a-kind gastronomic show, with carefully crafted staging and fully immersive courses that play with the senses. The harmonious fusion of audio, floor-to-ceiling screens and 360-degree projection mapping, all culminate to create the perfect stage for the eleven-course tasting menu. The entire menu is synchronised with themes, visual accents and audio narratives that punctuate the food being served. 

Collaborating with Chief Creative Officer and Founder of Wonderland Restaurants James Bulmer, Sysco assembled a world-class multi-disciplinary team, partnering with ISO Design who designed and produced the extraordinary media and Project Managers, Fraser Randall on the installation of the AV software and hardware.

Damien Smith, Partner at ISO Design stated, “Integrating large scale media and 3D sound with the other senses, via touch and taste alongside magic and theatricality seems like the next logical step for truly immersive experiences.”

Lee Starling, Company and Project Director at Fraser Randall added, “It was a pleasure to work with Sysco Productions and their partners to manage the AV hardware and software for this unique project and ultimately help to deliver something truly remarkable to the hospitality sector.”