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Museum & Heritage


Bringing to life the story of Bristol's world class aerospace industry

Completed: 2017

Partners: AVAIF | Beck Interiors | Bristol Aero Collection Trust | Event Communications | Focus Consultants | Spiral Productions


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The Mission

To celebrate the world class achievements of the aerospace industry and engage visitors with the stories and collections of Bristol’s aerospace industry - past, present and future.

Client Objective

To create a major aerospace industrial museum and learning centre that inspires, entertains and informs present and future generations through their understanding of Bristol’s aerospace industry.

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The Technology

Airbus Wing A

A touchscreen interactive explaining aerodynamics, works in conjunction with a real life airbus wing situated locally, whereby different touch screen functions can be selected, resulting in a direct response with real movements from the wing to simulate aircraft flight motion.

The Technology

Consub Integrated Video System

This exhibit comprises of a 27" LCD display, a video camera and setwork speakers. A rack mounted solid-state media player provides looping video content of the consub to the screen. Visitors can use pushbuttons to switch between the Brightsign content and the live camera feed from the consub on-board camera.

The Technology

Concorde Simulator

Projection and audio systems augment flight simulator software installed within an original concorde cockpit mock-up, enabling visitors to fly the concorde using real controls in a Google earth simulated environment.

The Technology

Archive Stations

24" interactive touchscreens with setwork speakers engage visitors in additional archive reference material allowing further scope for investigation and learning. 

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What the Client Says

'I’m writing to say a huge thank you to you personally and also to your team from Sysco for the outstanding work on the Aerospace Bristol project. You have been a pleasure to work with, remaining professional and good humoured at all times. You worked extremely well with me as client, and also with all the other contractors on site. Your hard work is really appreciated. Thank you again.'
Linda Coode, Collections and Exhibition Manager

What the Press Say

Numerous exhibits – such as flight simulators and interactive options – show the museum is most definitely not just aimed at “plane spotters”.
The Telegraph
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