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Sports & Leisure


Crafting the transformation of Ascot racecourse.

Completed: 2006

Partners: Buro Happold | ISG | Ascot Racecourse


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The Mission

To reimagine a new grandstand following an 18-month, £2 million design programme which should have taken 3 years.

Client Objective

To re-engineer a technically complex and fundamentally flawed grand stand design into a working system, representative of Ascot’s stature as a world-class sports venue.

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Commentary System

A sound system distributed across three primary rack rooms at the east, centre and west of the main grandstand. A central loudspeaker cluster mounted on a 20m pole opposite the grandstand and a distributed network of 1,000 loudspeakers provides primary voice coverage across the site. 

Fire Evacuation System

Loudspeakers were strategically integrated to blend with the aesthetics of the site. Working with consultants and fit out teams, Sysco ensured the correct installation of cabling  to guarantee the infrastructure was certifiably reliable to meet the stringent requirements of VA systems in the UK.

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What the Client Says

“Running parallel with the innovative design of the new Grandstand are the values that Ascot Racecourse’s reputation has been built upon; history, heritage, tradition, pageantry and world class horseracing.”
- Royal Ascot
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