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World Expo


Creating an immersive landscape of the UAE’s past, present and future.

Completed: 2015

Partners: Clay Interactive | Land Design Studio | Beck Interiors | Big Features


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The Mission

To engineer an inspiring vision of the young country’s history, engulfing visitors from across the world into the ‘real’ UAE. 

Client Objective

To create a world-class expo pavilion, using the United Arab Emirates’ culture, landscape and traditions to educate and engage visitors with the theme of the expo:
"feeding the planet, energy for life”

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Media Cubes

A dual sided cube provided a Pepper’s Ghost effect which augmented real 3D objects with overlaid ‘holographic’ like HD animations and an AR experience.

Rap Capture App

A video capture, interactive element engaged visitors in a live rap which was then played back to the audience at the end of the show. 

Cinematic Projection

A 170-degree cylindrical auditorium where visitors watched a creative multi-projection, multi-channel audio production carefully choreographed with synchronised lighting and effects.

Pepper's Ghost Projection

The ‘Future Talk’ exhibit delivered an impressive presentation of mind-bending synthesis of holographic-like illusion, layers of media projection, and animated stage objects. 

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What the Client Says

“The technologies we’re using weren’t available in 2010,” said Dr Vine, drawing comparison with the UAE’s prize-winning pavilion at Shanghai that year. "In terms of the shows, it’s really cutting edge … we’re very pleased with the result.”
- Dr Peter Vine, Pavilion Project Director (The National, UAE)

What the Press Say

“Some 145 nations are participating in the World Expo 2015 being held in Milan and which finishes on 31 October. Our star of the show was undoubtedly the UAE Pavilion which was emotional, challenging, thought-provoking, yet managed to educate and engage.”
- AV Magazine

What the Parters Say

“In all our years working with AV suppliers none have had such a positive attitude and determination for the best possible outcome as Sysco”
- Greg Hobden, FQC Media & Senior Coordinator for the Pavilion
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