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Museum & Heritage

National Maritime Museum: Endeavour Galleries

Telling the epic true stories of pioneering global explorers and their encounters across the World's oceans.

Completed: 2018

Partners: Casson Mann | Clay Interactive | Displayways | Flemming Associates | Realm | Squint / Opera

National Maritime Museum: Endeavour Galleries

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The Mission

To tell the epic true stories of pioneering global explorers and their encounters with people, places and environments across the world’s oceans.

Client Objective

To bring to life the vast collection of over 1,100 objects and tailor the experience for every visitor using creative interactives that allow them to uncover hidden histories, reimagine familiar stories, and reflect on their connection to the sea.

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The Technology

Interactive Central Table

An interactive game using capacity sensors and table top projection delivers a visual representation of environmental concerns associated with Polar Worlds, in order to pose important questions about potential future impacts on the ecosystem. Additionally, two 46" NEC LCD screens face each other on opposite sides of the table, each displaying a person communicating with the other side with varying questions and concerns. As they share facts about the global change, the table narrative works in synchronicity to their conversation, with prospective scenarios illustrating the impact of possible climate changes.

The Technology

Pepper's Ghost

An animated insight into the life of The Royal Dockyards in the 16th Century is revealed in the Tudor and Stuart Seafarers gallery. A replica model of the dockyards is brought to life, using cleverly concealed technology to reconstruct an effective pepper's ghost illusion. Miniature figures are integrated into this small stage set, each in action and working away to re-enact their important role as part of the ship’s construction. 

The Technology


All four galleries are enriched by authentic sounds that immerse the visitor in the thematic experience of the space. With echoes of the ocean’s waves, the audio backdrop enlivens the stories and awakens the fascinating assortment of objects on display.

The Technology

Digital Wave

Displayed in a tiered and fragmented formation, 22 screens are interspersed with assorted artefacts in Sea Things, giving an abstracted representation of sea lying beneath. Concisely co-ordinated, the sea ripples beneath the surface with the motions of the waves generating facts, as sea creatures swim between screens.

The Technology

Table Top Interactive Projections

Visitors can go on a voyage of discovery with the table top interactives in the Tudor and Stuart Seafarers gallery. With immaculate projection mapping, the tables and props become alive with tales of the past as history unravels across the surface. Beautifully animated, these narratives offer an engaging interpretation of significant stories from bygone eras. 

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What the reviews say

"Contemporary polar issues are revealed through an impressive interactive display in the centre of the room, where the two halves join. Here we see how these threadbare and extremely dangerous missions have evolved into ones with a scientific focus, unveiling quirky details about the lives of the people based in Antarctica for research purposes"
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