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Museum & Heritage


Presenting the incredible 500-year technological quest to create mechanised humans.

Completed: 2017

Partners: Beck Interiors | Coda to Coda | Drinkall Dean | Fraser Randall | Squint / Opera


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The Mission

To animate the intricate, expressive and dynamic history of robotics to create a fascinating encounter with these intrinsic machines.

Client Objective

To create an interactive, vibrant and animated arena for visitors to engage with the fascinating story of humanoid robots and to produce a highly successful exhibition, capable of capturing the intrigue of the world as part of the exhibition’s international tour.

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Multi Display Software

The 6 output watchout system simultaneously delivers 6 projected images whilst providing audio and timed cues for enlivening the robots.

Audio System

A complex 64 output multichannel audio system is concisely synchronised to play in coordination with the video displays, creating an immersive soundscape throughout the entire exhibition.

Media Playback 

Brightsign players are linked to the watchout system and play both video and audio throughout the space. The audio is fed back into the main audio system, mixed live and then fed back into the relevant speakers across the exhibition. All audio is fed back in to the 64 output audio system.

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What the Press Say

‘This self-proclaimed blockbuster show at the Science Museum, promising the latest technology straight from the lab, will be one of the exhibitions of the year.’ ****
The Telegraph
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