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Fen Court: Generali Real Estate Development, London

**SHORTLISTED FOR THE AV AWARDS 2018** Creating the largest ceiling mounted LED screen in Europe

Completed: 2018

Fen Court: Generali Real Estate Development, London

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The Mission

To glorify the medieval passageway running through the centre of the site at ground level; by creating an oculus looking skywards, a vertical plane running through the building should connect the central soffit below with the rooftop garden and skyscape above.

Client Objective

To deliver an impressive large-scale audiovisual installation that would transform the public highway into an experiential artistic encounter for visitors travelling through the passage between Fenchurch Street and Fenchurch Avenue. 

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The Technology

Ceiling Mounted LED Screen

The LED screen comprises of 540 panels spanning 180m² (13.8m x 12.9m) suspended face down from a height of 9.5m. Due to the height of the LED screen, all panels are fully front serviceable to allow easy access for maintenance requirements. Absen’s 5mm LED solution from their award winning N series range, with reliable and robust mechanical design has undergone rigorous testing to meet European standards. The panels are 40% thinner and 30% lighter than other standard LED products on the market thereby reducing mount frame complexity and total weight.

The Technology

Axis 4K Resolution Cameras

Live content feeds from two Axis 4K resolution outdoor grade cameras mounted on the roof of the building. Both have in dome housings, PTZ capabilities and are IP66 rated for increased field of view. Controlled by software, preset positions can be saved to enable a variety of views. The artistic concept for the media dictates a verticality of perspective, therefore one camera points skywards at the wisteria canopy, and the other downwards to the garden below.

The Technology

Videowall Processor

Feeds from the cameras and media player route to the LED display via an upstream Crestron DigitalMedia matrix. A tvONE CORIOmaster video wall processor configures the output resolution and aspect ratio required for the LED display, scaling the content to ensure impeccable quality. This videowall processor is one of the most flexible and capable products on the market. In a 1RU chassis, it is exceptionally compact yet supports multiple windows that can be resized, added, removed and rotated dynamically on the wall. It is one of the few processors on the market with the ability to accommodate the custom resolution of the LED screen.

The Technology

Environmental Monitoring

Due to its exposure to the elements, Jacarta Interceptor Pro monitors temperature and humidity levels via sensors installed above and below the LED screen. Early warning notifications are configured and the screen can be switched on or off as required should fluctuations in temperature or humidity occur.

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Creative Ambition

Sysco were invited to generate designs that envisaged the client’s innovative vision yet complied with structural constraints and building regulations. Initial ideas included projection, however factors such as throw distance, lack of service space and ongoing maintenance concerns eliminated this option following in depth feasibility analysis on the technological integration possibilities.

Customised Experience

Thorough research and investigation presented the LED ceiling as the preferred option due to its high brightness, design flexibility and capacity to be suspended face down from a height of 9.5m. Focusing on three key areas, the viability of the solution was ascertained through structural analysis, M&E assessment and review of the system operational capability in its entirety.

Precise Execution

Strong collaboration with Sir Robert McAlpine enabled a seamless integration of all elements of the audiovisual infrastructure including the LED screen in the central atrium, the two live cameras on the rooftop garden and system control and interface in the AV control room. Overcoming the challenge of installing an LED screen weighing approximately 4 tonnes at a height of 9.5m required concise structural engineering calculations, detailed planning and precise execution.

Seamless Support

Sysco’s dedicated team ensured that this milestone project was completed in time for the London Festival of Architecture opening on 1 June 2018. The space will evolve with plans to integrate two speakers for an audio soundscape created in collaboration with Savanh Phaophanit. Edited precisely to create moments of synchronicity, the dialogue between video and sound will heighten the sensory experience.

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What the Client Says

"I think it’s gone beyond our expectations, simply because it has a wow factor that we were hoping for but we didn’t dare dream of."
Tina Paillet, Head of Technology and Product Development, Generali Real Estate

What our Suppliers Say

"We were honoured to work with Sysco on this project right through from start to finish and to find the ideal solution to create this stunning, and mesmerizing display. We are proud to have been part of this project for the first LED ceiling of this size in Europe - an achievement all parties involved should rightly be proud of."
Graham Pow, Head of Sales, PSCo.

What the Artists Say

"There are always concerns in terms of the interfacing between our material and the equipment that has been installed - Sysco has been great in that sense. They have been very patient and engaged enthusiastically with what we were trying to express. The collaboration has been excellent."
Vong Phaophanit, Video Artist

What our Suppliers Say

"We are excited to be working with a creative team delivering an unusual concept and creating a result that can only be described as breath-taking. This spectacular project fully exercised the flexibility and performance of CORIOmaster."
Alan Greenfield, Regional Sales Manager, tvONE
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