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The D-Day Story: Transforming the D-Day Museum

**SHORTLISTED FOR THE AV AWARDS 2018** Recounting the scale, drama and impact of the D-Day story

Completed: 2018

The D-Day Story: Transforming the D-Day Museum

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The Mission

To convey the significance of one of the greatest military operations in western European history with an emphasis on the human side of the story and impacting emotional aftermath.

Client Objective

To capture this momentous, historical event through the radical transformation of the exhibition spaces, using innovative audio visual displays that enliven and incite a greater understanding of D-Day, whilst seizing the last opportunity to record first hand experiences of the countless brave men and women involved.

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Projection Mapping

A large scale projection provides a vista inside a tented room where stories are told from the perspective of different soldiers during the final hours leading up to the operation. With heightened tension for the events that lie ahead, visitors gaze out at the dreary skies, listening to soldiers voices and final words before descending into the next chapter of the D-Day story. As part of the D-Day landings narrative, two large scale projections are presented alongside the landing craft with looping content of the events unfolding.


Pepper's Ghost

A pepper’s ghost illusion brings visitors face to face with soldiers seated within an original landing craft waiting to hit the beach. The merging of projected image and real life craft provides an authentic glimpse into the dramatic scene that unfolded. Accompanied by audio soundtrack, the internal monologues of the men on board can be heard as they travel the seas.


Interactive Touchscreens

Interactive touchscreen displays throughout the exhibition, offer an engaging insight in to the decision making process and the series of military actions surrounding the D-Day event. Media provided by Ay-Pe creatively captures visitors’ attention, sharing key facts and details in a captivating format. 

As part of the Overlord Embroidery display, visitors can select from different interview recordings and hear anecdotes from those lucky enough to survive. These portals offer a rare glimpse into the sacrifice and suffering of just a handful of soldiers, with their horrifying stories echoing across the backdrop of embroidered scenery behind. 

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Creative Ambition

The narrative content holds enormous historical significance and is of a highly emotional nature, therefore the audiovisual elements needed to translate this story into a tangible experience that educates, informs and commemorates the countless men and women who fought for this country. Connecting with the concepts, and working collaboratively with Studio MB enabled a unification of ideas that would relay the story in a way that is sensitive and meaningful to modern audiences.

Customised Experience

Using audiovisual technology, the D-Day chronicles are layered with animated content that enhance and amplify the narrative woven throughout the spaces. Setworks provided by SharmanShaw house the various audio and visual exhibits, successfully intertwining them with the objects and archival materials to deliver a seamless experience. 

Precise Execution

During the installation, different factors impacted on the integration of the AV displays. Revisions had to be made to Final Approaches due to last minute changes with the manufacturer’s guidelines, relating to the glass’ functionality and its intended purpose. In order to realise the vision, an alternative product solution had to be researched and implemented to ensure that the illusion would still perform as required.

Seamless Support

Huge efforts were made throughout the delivery and handover of the D-Day experience to ensure that the exhibition was ready in time for the public opening date as well as for the coming 75th anniversary of the D-Day military operation. Sustained support has assisted with the commissioning and perfection of the content media and the handover to The D-Day Story. Ongoing communication also enabled an enduring dedication to this valuable sensory D-Day experience.

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What the client says

'We were looking for an intuitive and easy-to use media system to help us tell the story of D-Day (6th June 1944). With over 500 historic artefacts, personal items and accounts we really needed a reliable system that could bring them all together. From the outset, the Sysco team worked closely with us to understand how we wanted to convey the personal aspect of the stories behind this epic historic event and the system they have delivered achieves exactly this - we are delighted!'
James Batney, Manager at The D-Day Story

What our partners say

‘I just wanted to extend my thanks to you and your team for all the hard work and the positive approach to problem-solving on the D-Day project. Sysco have managed to make the integration of AV within our exhibition deliveries, enjoyable and rewarding with a range of friendly personalities backed by the surety of their in-depth experience. The ongoing partnership has proven our most successful AVH collaboration to date and we look forward to working with you all again on future projects’.
Duncan Melville, Design Director at Studio MB
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