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Brooklands Aircraft Factory and Racetrack Revival opens following £8 million development project


The £8 million Brooklands Aircraft Factory and Racetrack Revival project is the largest ever development of the Brooklands site and is now open to the public as part of the Brooklands Museum Experience.

Brooklands Museum is renowned as the Birthplace of British Motorsport & Aviation. Based in Weybridge, Surrey, Brooklands shares a unique story of how its pioneering design, engineering and manufacture transformed the way in which aircraft and vehicles were built, flown and raced. 

The Brooklands Aircraft Factory and Racetrack Revival project comprises of three new story spaces including renovated aircraft Hangar, newly-built Flight Shed and original Finishing Straight. The exhibition spans from early aircraft designs of wood and fabric, to the supersonic airliner and technologies of the future. With an emphasis on “design, build, race”, the incredible collection of trailblazing aircraft is brought to life through interactive displays that educate, animate and connect visitors to the rich narrative of the site.

Valerie Mills at Brooklands Museum commented ‘It was always our aim to produce an immersive factory experience that would both tell the stories of the aircraft factories at Brooklands and inspire young people in STEM subjects.  The audiovisual elements, in particular the large projections and soundscape, help to bring the space in the restored Hangar to life, with the easy-to-use touchscreens on the mezzanine level enabling visitors to design their own civil or military aircraft.’ 

Sysco were contracted to deliver the layers of audiovisual solutions around the museum by Focus Consultants, working closely with Elmwood Projects to integrate the technology seamlessly amongst the aircraft, artefacts and exhibits. The interactive media was creatively designed Ay-Pe. Throughout the installation, the project was also supported by a dedicated team of passionate volunteers at Brooklands.

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