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Sysco Joins AV Roundtable Discussion on the latest trends in the Attractions & Entertainment Sector


Last month, Sysco were invited to attend AV Magazine's roundtable discussion on the Attractions & Entertainment sector, where Graeme Bunyan, our Director of Technology joined the panel of experts to review some of current challenges associated with the industry and look at the evolving role that audiovisual plays within this market. The attending panellists were from a range of businesses and organisations, offering a broad scope of perspectives and insights in to some of the important questions raised.

One of the key conversations focussed on the use of technology within exhibition spaces and the importance of taking an innovative approach to the way in which objects are displayed in order to increase audience engagement and help visitors better understand the objects' stories. This is a trend that resonates with many of our clients and is something that we find particularly prevalent in the work that we do, as this is a crucial factor that impacts the choices made within galleries and museums. As Story Engineers, our focus is very much on the narrative and the process of using AV technology as a tool for conveying that story; this is something that influences our decision making process throughout the project design and integration.

Other key headline topics included US innovation and more specifically theme parks, as well as the recruitment process and some of the difficulties specifically associated with the AV industry. 

Find out more about these conversations in the latest edition of AV Magazine.

Watch Graeme's interview with Clive Couldwell, editor of AV Magazine




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