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Following a multi-million pound redesign and extensive 18 month refurbishment, The Glenlivet distillery welcomes back whisky fans to its newly renovated home in Speyside. 

Sysco Productions are proud to have undertaken the design and delivery works of the Audio Visual immersive experience, working closely with designers, Blacksheep and the client team at Chivas Brothers / Pernod Ricard
The transformed visitor experience invites guests into The Glenlivet’s rich history, taking visitors on a journey in time where they can follow in the footsteps of its founder George Smith. 

Inspired by his legendary hospitality, high standards and welcoming nature, the redevelopment reflects these unique qualities through the look and feel of the beautifully curated spaces. His remarkable heritage is recreated through the exquisite combination of immersive tours, innovative technology, exclusive bottlings and whisky tastings to create a truly memorable experience. 

Visitors embark on an explorative journey of the distillery process, where audio soundscapes act as the perfect backdrop to this story narrative. Each area is individually themed and enhanced with customised audio and lighting control, to provide a subtle transition between spaces. Recreated to look like the authentic lounge room of George Smith, discreet audio enlivens this scene from a bygone era. 

In the Speyside Room, a fly-through of The Glenlivet estate is presented on a portrait LCD display with key locations pinpointed on an animated 3D wooden contoured map mounted on the wall beside. Both work in synchronicity when activated by the tour host. Following this, a farmer, distiller and cooper narrate the distilling process and S&R ethos as part of a screen by screen experience. 

Also housed within this space is a spectacular 180 degree LCD curved video wall that creates background scenery for the space and transitions into a short film highlighting the brand story through location, history, personalities and processes. Accompanied by high quality full surround sound, visitors are enveloped as the whole wall comes to life in this dynamic showcase. 

Finally, the Provenance Room focuses on the different processes of whisky making where a breathtaking projection occupying the entire ceiling, works in conjunction with 3D models mounted on the wall around the space to reveal the process’ timeline. Activated by the tour host, each stage is revealed through specific media and objects which become illuminated by LEDS in sequence. 

Sysco Productions worked collaboratively with Chivas Brothers / Pernod Ricard to design and deliver this impressive and innovative new visitor experience, which welcomed back visitors on 1 July 2021. 

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