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Over an extended period of time, audio and visual technology can start displaying faults and experiencing failures as products begin to reach the end of their lifespan. There are a number of different ways in which symptoms can present themselves, and if left unresolved, issues can continue to impact the audiovisual installation and resulting visitor experience. 

Various factors affect the rate at which different products deteriorate and these include the quantity of hours in use, temperature and humidity of the environment, level of interaction and regularity of cleaning and maintenance . If problems persist on a frequent basis, it can work out more cost effective to replace the products as opposed to paying the regular fees associated with repair. This opportunity however, can offer huge benefits as technology constantly evolves in capability and performance, therefore more advanced and reliable solutions can be integrated. 

We endeavour to provide the best possible advice and highest level of support for your visitor experience and through the completion of extensive site surveys and reviews, we identify key areas of concern with recommended replacements. 


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