Sysco Productions

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Sysco Productions

We are an AV experience delivery company for the real world.

What we do

Sysco is a world class AV experience delivery company immersed in the relationship between engineering and storytelling. Over 20 years experience working for high calibre global clients in the museum & heritage, exhibition, and sports & leisure industries has built up a wealth of exceptional expertise working at the intersection between storytelling art and engineering science.

For us, space is both the challenge and the opportunity to tell a beautiful story. In exhibitions, museums, stadia or theatres, space is our blank canvas to engineer a story and our foundation for re-imagination. We started off in the pre-digital age as theatre and concert designers, working with light and sound to create experiences for artists such as Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix. Now we use AV technology to bring our visions for different spaces to life, to create experiences that provoke human emotion and create long lasting memories.

We are Story Engineers.

Why we do it

To deliver world class experiences; engineering imagined ideas into powerful realities.

We Love reality: We believe the role of technology is not to compete with reality but to augment it. Live music. Physical Sensation. Real-world interactions. We’ve not yet felt anything virtually that makes the hairs stand-up or the juices flow quite like the experiences we’ve had in the real world.

We Love people: 20 Years of delivery has taught us that nothing works unless it all works. We take pride in the open and joined up way in which we work. We know integration starts with people, not just systems.

We Love experience delivery: We are pragmatic problem solvers at heart. Design needs to be appropriate. We strive to render amazing experiences through optimum viable technology.

The Grid

When we first meet a design team, they have a creative vision which needs to be evolved into a compelling story with a clear narrative.  Our challenge is to frame that story as we develop a more detailed narrative within the discipline of the physical space. We achieve this by integrating the organic (narrative development) with the physical (constraints of the space).  

The tool we use to create this approach is best described as a grid. It is sometimes as simple as a uniform design interpretation of the space, but more often it is a device that is used as a framework to interpret the constraints, opportunities and the dynamic nature of the space and its objects.

It is this application of a grid that creates order and structure, allowing our teams to communicate clearly and precisely to the different stakeholders across all stages of a project. Whether this is initial drawings of the design application, or the production engineering and system calibration. The grid maps our way by determining scale and content with coherent consistency.

Story Engineering Methodology

Over the last 20 years we have developed a robust methodology for delivering projects. This gives us a framework to keep inventing and trying new things, whilst giving our clients the confidence to know we will deliver on-time and on-budget.










The final coming together, where each element is refined in-situ, and our perfectionist streak remains until the presentation of the opening night and beyond. Here we bring all the elements together, fully engaging with all the elements and phases of the delivery process to meet deadlines. We ensure the final experience is seamless in order to maintain standards post public opening and our ongoing support helps maintain longevity and quality control.

The first step into the physical world, but where much can still change. First, core infrastructure; then, the implementation of technology that will carry the narrative in the space. This means planning for every eventuality to ensure we execute on time in full: the iterative development of flexible solutions and the possession of a practical, creative mindset are fundamental and baked into our DNA.

Engineering is about committing to the art of the possible, and problem solving where real world constraints of time, money or materials stand in our path. We develop and custom build technology, blending cutting edge solutions with more traditional effects to create state of the art, theatrically entertaining and interactive experiences. We love to engineer a creative challenge.

Visualising the story with all stakeholders across each element; typically design, media, architecture, technology, and build. We understand the need to work collaboratively within creative teams and multiple stakeholders to design a solution that is in line with an agreed single vision. We are sensitive to the creative journey and the twists and turns it can take but we can visualise the destination.