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AV Design Consultancy

Our design relationship with you is the vital first step in ensuring the success of your project. We believe it is the key to creating an engaging and educational experience of the very highest quality.

As story engineers we understand the challenges that will concern the installation and maintenance teams as they deliver the project. Our design teams have first hand experience of the delivery process and use the design period to remove or minimise risks that could challenge the success of the project. We work hard to maintain a high level of communication between client, designers and our professional team. This enables us to understand and value exactly what you want, which in turn drives the processes of creativity and project delivery.

We work alongside exhibition and experience designers to foster their creative ambition for a client's project throughout the design development process, providing core deliverables at each stage through Concept, Developed and Technical Design (RIBA Stages 2-4). Additionally we deliver infrastructure and technology planning, providing necessary consultancy for clients to plan new build or refurbishment works.

AV Experience Delivery & Integration

During the delivery phase, you will be guided through a structured process by Sysco’s expert project delivery team. Engineering stories in a plethora of spaces has helped us to craft an efficient framework for managing the key stages of a project. Adaptability is essential to our approach, allowing us to frame our process within projects of differing sizes, scopes and spaces.

Key to this framework is our collaboration with partners that we have worked with for many years, ensuring consistent delivery expectations and high working standards. Flexibility is essential as projects move through our various phases of engineering, procurement & production, installation & testing, artistic commissioning and client handover. These phases, encompassed by our Story Engineering methodology, helps us to deliver projects with homogeneous values, aligning us with the various key stakeholders that might exist within a project structure.

Our engineers, project managers and installation crews are renowned for their exceptional skill and attention to detail. Combined with resourcefulness, motivation, and a wealth of experience, these result in the recommendation and repeat business that form the majority of our work.  Close collaboration with clients in years following installations has resulted in further upgrade works to implement new systems that help to maintain the quality of the experience for many years.

Technical Support & Maintenance

Our journey with you is an ongoing process of collaboration and quality control. This does not end once the project is open to the public. Technical support is a critical phase in our methodology, resulting in long lasting performance and support for the project longevity.

The role of the Service Team begins during implementation and commissioning when an efficient and comprehensive handover is completed with the client team, supported by appropriate operating documentation.

Following project completion our help desk is always on hand to assist with any problems that may occur as a result of manufacturer faults or system failure. Often a problem can be diagnosed and resolved by phone or email and we utilise telephone support and remote access as the first channels of assistance. When possible, we install remote access to monitor the system, enabling automatic notifications to alert us to problems as soon as they occur. This allows their resolution and correction as rapidly as possible, minimising the down time of your system.

Unfortunately it is inevitable that at some point an item of equipment will fail. Our call out service offers clients access to engineers who will undertake investigative and remedial works for problems that can’t be dealt with remotely.

Service Level Agreements (SLA) & Managed Services

We have a number of service level agreements (SLA) that are essential for ongoing maintenance. These have been designed following discussions with many of our clients about their market needs and differing demands, including call out and preventative maintenance visits.

Critical to the long term reliability of any audio-visual installation is regular preventative maintenance. As part of our service packages our team will attend site at regular intervals to undertake a predetermined set of maintenance tasks. Every part of the system will be inspected, tested, cleaned and maintained in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations. We appreciate that every client has different requirements and are as flexible as possible in our proposals to ensure we can fulfill the needs of all.

Projects may also require a level of on-site support for special events such as sporting fixtures, exhibition openings and international auctions. We have worked with a number of clients across numerous markets to assist them with event support and tour management, giving us the practical expertise to demonstrate consistent performance.

Research & Development

We have a dynamic approach to research and development that frames the way we look at the world, through an enquiring lens with a relentless desire to make improvements and apply developed solutions. We understand that the world is changing rapidly, the development of technology and its application are creating new expectations and people demand greater sophistication from their experiences.

We have to continue to meet and exceed expectation and we are exploring the use of new technology such as augmented reality, to develop a new integrated customer experience; one that will seamlessly take them on a new journey that will bring different life to the stories we will engineer in the future.

Our own research and development centre is a great place for us to test and challenge new applications and solutions, scale up and stress test, and is an important part of our unique approach.