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Design Consultancy


Our design relationship with you is the vital first step in ensuring the success of your project. We believe it is the key to creating an engaging and educational experience of the very highest quality.

As story engineers we understand the challenges that will concern the installation and maintenance teams as they deliver the project. Our design teams have first hand experience of the delivery process and use the design period to remove or minimise risks that could challenge the success of the project. We work hard to maintain a high level of communication between client, designers and our professional team. This enables us to understand and value exactly what you want, which in turn drives the processes of creativity and project delivery.

We work alongside exhibition and experience designers to foster their creative ambition for a client's project throughout the design development process, providing core deliverables and support at each stage through Concept, Developed and Technical Design phases, as well as general consultancy for projects that require it, Additionally we deliver infrastructure and technology planning, providing necessary consultancy for clients to plan new build or refurbishment works.

Design Consultancy

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