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Panasonic Experience Centre

Showcasing cutting edge business solutions in a physical and virtual environment

Completed: 2019

Partners: AB Creative | Hart Wilcox

Panasonic Experience Centre

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The Mission

To create a customer experience that offers visitors the opportunity to see and experience the many different solutions offered by Panasonic as part of their brand proposition ‘Freedom through Innovation’.

Client Objective

To demonstrate the capabilities of leading Panasonic products and business technology solutions as part of an immersive and theatrical journey. 

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The Technology

Six Screen Ribbon Wall

From the entrance to the experience centre, a ribbon wall displays relevant case studies and example applications of Panasonic technologies. Comprising of six LCD screens in assorted sizes and orientations, key industry verticals are presented as either a single image or a composition of independent entities. Powered by two disguise 4x4pro media servers, the customer’s name is skillfully integrated in to the content in real time, to personalise the experience.

The Technology


‘Panatown’ takes the user on a journey into one of eight virtual vertical environments, where three common pain point challenges are presented alongside their respective solutions, all controlled by a central FZ-G1 Toughpad device. A combination of four large scale projections span the entire surface area of the front and side walls, with layers of additional content detail applied as smaller windows via three ultra short throw projectors. Further intensified by the 7.2 audio setup delivering sound from 8 amplifier channels, all speakers are mounted at elevated height to deliver a fully immersive space.

The Technology

The Toughbook

A range of 5” Android™Toughbook rugged handheld devices are distributed amongst visitors, with a dedicated app that allows them to select relevant content of interest via integrated NFC tags. Three distinct zones demonstrate the rugged capabilities of the Toughbook notebooks and tablets, by mirroring the pressure the devices may be put under. A drop, water and ball test showcases the device’s waterproof qualities and its ability to withstand impacts.

The Technology

Video Wall

The Security Control Room presents a 2x2 55” video wall where the latest in modern analytics software and facial recognition platforms are on display as part of the smart security.

The Technology

Space Players

Two Space Player™ hydrid lighting projectors enhance the branding presence by illuminating and spotlighting engaging and moving graphics on the inside and outside walls. 

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What our Client Says

"The Customer Experience Centre was a large, strategically important project for Panasonic Business. To have the right partners supporting us was essential to ensure the delivery of the project. We engaged Sysco Productions early and have been delighted with both the counsel we have received and the delivery of the centre’s AV backbone."
Michael Pullan at Panasonic
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