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Connecting a 100-year-old conflict to a modern audience.

Completed: 2014


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To evoke visceral experiences that would connect younger generations with the horrors of the First World War.

Client Objective

To showcase the conflict of the First World War through the eyes of those who lived and died during this period; engaging the attention of a younger audience, connecting contemporary visitors to a 100-year-old story.

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The Technology

Edge Blended Projection

Multiple projection installations throughout the experience required edge blend capabilities to create seamless images.

Digital Interactives

Using props combined with a number of technologies including hidden capacitive sensors and IR Camera tracking.

Projection Mapping

Mapped projection onto floor mounted mannequins shaped liked advancing soldiers.

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Creative Ambition

Envisionioning the conflict of the First World War through the eyes of those who experienced and endured this harrowing period, we had to comprehend the horrors of Casson Mann’s narrative and connect contemporary visitors to this significant historical story. 

Customised Experience

Working closely with the museum curators ensured an understanding of the importance and significance of the harrowing story of WWI. 
Technological solutions were subtly utilised to enhance the power of the narrative, connecting visitors of all ages to the sensitivity and sheer scale of the war.

Precise Execution

Strong collaboration with the interactive and creative team, ISO Design, during implementation, assisted with the integration and framing of technology that coherently aligned with the content development.

Seamless Support

Complete immersion with Casson Mann and the Imperial War Museum, who were tasked with processing the extensive collection of WW1 artefacts, resulted in artistic commissioning that complemented the successful balance between objects, text and audiovisual materials. 

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What the Client Says

“I spent 11 years at the Science Museum where groundbreaking means using the newest technology that people haven’t seen yet. What we’ve done here is groundbreaking – not just through the technology but visuals too.”
- Jo Saull, Interpretation Manager, IWM

What the Press Say

“The Imperial War Museum has unveiled one of the most astounding historical exhibitions to mark the centenary of World War I, after meticulously creating a sensory assault to immerse the visitor in one of the most horrifying moments in British memory.”
- International Business Times
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