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Brands Visitor Attraction


Showcasing the design excellence, engineering precision and human endeavour of Triumph motorcycles.

Completed: 2017


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The Mission

To connect visitors with the narrative and instil a broader understanding and deeper appreciation for the heritage and ongoing success of this genuine British icon and international super brand.

Client Objective

To deliver a world class brand experience that will welcome motorcycle enthusiasts and visitors from around the world; presenting an inspiring and informative exhibition with eight thematic zones set across two floors.

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The Technology

Ultra Short Throw Laser Projection

Across multiple zones, ultra short throw projectors ensure a seamless narrative that enhances rather than obstructs the visitor experience. Triumph motorcycles can be elevated on plinths and both visual projection and motorbikes work collaboratively avoiding overlap or obstruction.

Digital Photo Frames

Belonging comprises of an interactive touchscreen display connected to wall projection. 114 digital photo frames are collated alongside, sharing photographs of owners and dealerships to represent the Triumph community, people’s relationships to the motorbike and their passion for the brand.  As the Triumph community grows, so too does the content on display.

iPad Control Interface

Two primary interfaces control the audiovisual; the KVM Drawer connected to the admin PC and control iPad. Using the iPad, the Triumph team can walk through the exhibition space and control individual exhibits offering complete flexibility to turn exhibits on/off and adjust the volume settings. Tour guides are given complete control and can tailor the experience accordingly.

LCD Projectors

The Iconic thematic zone derives of three LCD laser projectors, seamlessly blended to create a single image that overlaps a static wall display. This striking projection of looping images presents internationally recognised personalities who ride or have ridden a Triumph, exemplifying the prestige associated with the brand and bike. Renowned for their wide colour spectrum, these LCD projectors deliver a vibrantly colourful and impactful image.

6 Output Watchout Server

Performance consists of looping video provided by two short throw projectors, seamlessly blended across curved wall. Coordinated with audio, in addition to a circular speedometer floor projection, the watchout server allows geometry correction compensating for the curvature of the wall and ensures a synchronicity between audio and projection displays.  

Multichannel Sound

For the Ride shares the passion for excellence with a looping video narrating  ‘the perfect ride’.  Three ultra short throw projectors with audio reinforcement are synchronised with the media content. Multichannel sound moves across the space in perfect timing with the media, giving the visitor experience depth of reality and the illusion of a motorbike travelling past the audience.

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Creative Ambition

Close integration between the design teams and Triumph, inspired a complete appreciation of the passion behind the brand, and a thorough understanding of their aspirations and dedication to delivering an experience that truly represents the spirit behind the Triumph motorcycle and it’s incredible journey. 

Customised Experience

Design collaboration provided the opportunity to offer valuable advice on the best technologies available and guidance in outlining the most creative audiovisual solutions for fulfilling the client requirements and achieving the project vision of delivering an impactful visitor experience.

Precise Execution

Working closely with the Triumph family throughout the installation phase ensured a continued teamwork during the implementation process. 
Triumph engineers and Sysco engineers problem solved together to perfect finishing details and ensure a polished and immaculate finish. Efficient project planning guaranteed the completion of this exhibition in time for press review and public opening. 

Seamless Support

All technology was meticulously selected to optimise product longevity and maximise the lifespan of the client investment. Following the successful installation of this visitor experience, our relationship with Triumph has been extended with a service and maintenance contract allowing a continued support offering for their ongoing requirements. 

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What the Client Says

‘’We had a very high expectation for the AV in the new factory visitor experience, and the result has not only exceeded this but delivered a truly engaging and immersive experience. The close collaboration we had on the design and technology plan was key to the success of this great new motorcycling and engineering venue.”
Miles Perkins - Triumph Motorcycles
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