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Centre of the Cell: STEM Pod Refurbishment

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Queen Mary University of London's Centre of the Cell is the first science education centre in the world to be located within working biomedical research laboratories. Founded in 2009, its mission is to engage young people with cell biology and biomedical science, to encourage positive health choices and inspire the next generation of biomedical scientists and clinicians.

After 13 years, the Centre temporarily closed for refurbishment, shifting to a sustainable approach to managing and updating museum exhibits. This initiative was led by Professor Fran Balkwill, the Centre's Founder and Director, who has been involved since the initial commissioning of the spectacular suspended pod designed by Alsop Architects.


Sysco, having supported and maintained the centre for almost its entire 13-year run, collaborated once more on revitalising the visitor experience with a strong sustainability focus. 

State-of-the-art computer and film technology, integrated by Sysco, now enhance the educational experience, while implementing eco-friendly practices such as transitioning to laser projection technology, prioritising equipment maintenance, carefully managing raw material usage, and enhancing overall energy efficiency.