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Sysco Rebrand: We are Story Engineers


Employing AV to rearticulate stories in a variety of markets, we have become an integral force within the industry as a systems integrator, designing and delivering audio, visual and control systems packages for clients such as Imperial War Museum, The V&A Museum, Science Museum, Twickenham Stadium and Ascot Racecourse. But the technology is only a small component within this project delivery process. To support this evolution from systems integration into the world of storytelling and narrative engagement we have rebranded as ‘Story Engineers’. At the heart of every experience is a story that needs to be told, whether this be in an exhibition, museum, arena, visitor centre, stadia or theatre. Through the dynamic developments of technology, there remains an undeniable truth that real world engagement and collective experiences will forever sit at the heart of who we all are as people. As Story Engineers, we reimagine space with technology, maximising the potential to create memories and trigger emotions in order to produce an experience that lingers with you long after the event.

“It is the trinity of space, storytelling and engineering that are the three pillars of our approach. Stories with a clear narrative need to evolve from the client’s creative vision and the challenge is about framing this story within the discipline and physical constraints of the space.”
- Hugo Roche - Managing Director

The ‘Story Engineering’ methodology plays a vital role in this process and is defined by four key phases; Imagining, Engineering, Implementation and Synthesis. The process begins right at the very start of a project, engaging in the creation ambition of the client. Only here are we able to develop a clear understanding of the project demands; the budget, timeline and creative purpose. We then have to appreciate the constraints; ambient light, the scale of the space and foot fall. Within the context of those demands and constraints, we are able to agree and specify the practical platform for delivering the narrative arc. It is then equally important to take into account the emotional dimensions and complexity of the story we wish to tell; the physicality of the artefacts, the presentation of the media, and the ultimate potential for real interaction. These are all elements forming the grid of decision-making with which we are constantly faced. Our ability to frame complexity within this grid and make proportionate sense of it has a real impact on the delivered product.

“The focus should be to always try to find appropriate technology to complement and enhance, rather than overpower and distract: our mantra is that technology is an enabler, it should never dominate the story...if it’s doing its job correctly you may never even know it’s there”
- Graeme Bunyan - Director of Technology

The tool that underpins this methodology approach is best described as a grid, the cornerstone of the new brand and brand identity. The logo is a visual representation of this, acting as a device to represent the world they live in, framing the different elements of their story and a visual connection between it and the context. It is sometimes as simple as a uniform design interpretation of the space, but more often it is a device that is used as a framework to interpret the constraints, opportunities and the dynamic nature of the space and its objects. It is this application of a grid that creates order and structure, allowing clear communication to the different stakeholders across all stages of a project. Whether this is initial drawings of the design application, or the production engineering and system calibration, the grid maps the way by determining scale and content with coherent consistency.

Behind the methodology, the grid and the company’s evolution is a workforce driven by a passion for reality, people and experience delivery. 20 years of delivery has taught us that nothing works unless it all works and there is a shared understanding that projects start with people and not just the systems. Whether working alongside exhibition / experience designers, fit out contractors, media creatives or for end clients, the mission and promise that sits at the very core, is to deliver world class experiences; engineering imagined ideas into powerful realities.

We have developed a new website, designed by Sears Davies, to coincide with the launch of the new brand, demonstrating a range of experience projects around the world in addition to the showcasing of a brand video which encapsulates the very heart of our ambition as Story Engineers.

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