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Museum & Heritage


Capturing the heart of Richard III.

Completed: 2014

Partners: Douglas Bolton | Studio MB | Beck Interiors | Centrescreen Productions


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The Mission

To craft an experience to sustain and increase world-wide interest and immerse a variety of audiences in the discovery of King Richard III’s remains.

Client Objective

To design a visitor centre that would provide an unprecedented platform for the city and county, by engaging visitors in a walk-through experience, designed to enhance the interpretation of the story behind King Richard III and the discovery of his remains.

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Masked Projection

A multi video projection with associated audio presented using virtual characters.

Ambient Audio

A walk through exhibit containing looping audio content with presence sensors and triggered level adjustment; portraying the King’s Death.

Edge-Abutted Projection

Projection that links across two exhibits with multi-channel audio and lighting control, depicting the Battle of Bosworth.

Video Pepper's Ghost

An interactive exhibit comprising of a skeleton on a CAT scanner, using a Pepper’s Ghost effect.

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What the Client Says

"What we've got here is something that far exceeds any of my hopes and expectations. We've got some astonishingly imaginative work done by some very creative people who have used modern technology to take the history and to treat it very faithfully but to treat it in a way that is accessible to us in the 21st century."
Sir Peter Soulsby, Leicester City Mayor

What the Client Says

“Through AV we re-create this medieval world full of political intrigue and the atmosphere of battle balanced against the clinical ‘scientific’ displays and the quiet and contemplative graveside area.”
Iain Gordon, Richard III Visitor Centre Director
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